Employment Law

If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, suspended or harassed on the job, or if you’ve been presented with an employment or severance agreement, and you’re not sure how to navigate these treacherous waters, one thing you can do is hire an experienced employment law firm that has experience on handling employment related disputes. Ragsdale Law Firm is dedicated to helping employees of all types, from C-level executives to minimum wage employees, in resolving their employment disputes and maximize the results of their contract negotiations.

At Ragsdale Law Firm, we put our tradition of excellence in employment discrimination, sexual harassment and overtime law to work for you in resolving employment disputes throughout the State of New Mexico. We are experienced employment discrimination attorneys who represents employees in all types of employment-related disputes, including but not limited to:

Sexual harassment and other forms of harassment

Race, sex, age, national origin, and religious discrimination

Family and Medical Leave Act

Whistleblower cases

Intentional infliction of emotional distress and other employment torts

Overtime and related wage and hour claims

Americans with Disabilities Act

Wrongful and retaliatory discharge

Employment, severance and separation agreements

Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements

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